Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arsenal lost 3-1 in Camp Nou in UCL

Two heavy weight of European football. 2 clashes in 2 years. Same outcome. Arsenal couldn't prevent a rampant Barca from scoring the required number of goals to see them through. Robin Van Persie got sent off for the most minor of incident in football - not stopping play after the whistle was blown. Oh please. Do that even warrant a yellow?

In the same match, Dani Alves was offside at one point, and he didn't seems to notice the whistle as well. How come he wasn't shown a yellow for that? The referee is a utter disgrace. He thought he was the star of the show when he wasn't. He made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The yellow wasn't even given for a foul(Its not a foul technically speaking).

Arsenal lost their main scoring outlet, and subsequently lost any chance of getting a 2nd goal to put them through to the next round.

Even though Barcelona probably deserves to go through more, but Arsenal will feel its a chance gone begging.

In case you missed out :
RVP gets sent off!


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