Arsenal wins the 2015 Community Shield !

Yeah... oh yeah. Mourinho has been commenting with his usual nonsense yet again this week. Reminding people of Arsene's streak against him. Having won the community shield against non other than his Chelsea, hopefully this can keep him quiet for a while. 

To revisit the goal:

Watch Coquelin go mental:

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i am Arsene

just had some sort of urge to create this after reading this article:

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Brazil made History!

Defining match of the Brazil World Cup 2014. It involved the host and 3 time World Champions Germany. The end result is a record breaking match for both countries. Read

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Arsenal lost 3-1 in Camp Nou in UCL

Two heavy weight of European football. 2 clashes in 2 years. Same outcome. Arsenal couldn't prevent a rampant Barca from scoring the required number of goals to see them through. Robin Van Persie got sent off for the most minor of incident in football - not stopping play after the whistle was blown. Oh please. Do that even warrant a yellow?

In the same match, Dani Alves was offside at one point, and he didn't seems to notice the whistle as well. How come he wasn't shown a yellow for that? The referee is a utter disgrace. He thought he was the star of the show when he wasn't. He made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The yellow wasn't even given for a foul(Its not a foul technically speaking).

Arsenal lost their main scoring outlet, and subsequently lost any chance of getting a 2nd goal to put them through to the next round.

Even though Barcelona probably deserves to go through more, but Arsenal will feel its a chance gone begging.

In case you missed out :
RVP gets sent off!
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Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima retires

Okay, we knew this day will come. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima will retire. Look at him, at fatty meat and old aged. And failing to win the Copa Libertadores this year when Corinthians was knocked out, he had finally decided to hung up his boot for good.

In my 30 years of life, 22 of which watching football, he is the best striker for the past 20 years in my opinion. Better than Del Piero, better than Batistua, Van Nistelrooy, Torres, Drogba, Shearer, Inzaghi and the rest of them. He was the only one armed with everything - Superb technical ability, strength, pace, anticipation, best fakes, superb finishing. Probably the ultimate warrior in terms of striker. Its a sad thing he's born a Brazilian. They always faded when approaching the 30s, less passionate about the game after they reached the pinnacle, becoming fat and lazy after that and lust after sex and nightclubs more than the pitch. Is he looking at Romario for example? Why didn't he approach Zola or Maldini's attitude if there's genuine passion for the game? Lost the struggle? yup, he had a couple of crippling injuries, but his retirement weren't due to that exactly. Its not injuries that forced him out totally. Its his attitude.

The world will miss his skills and finishing, but not his exit. Ronaldinho is heading the same direction apparently.
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The Ballon D'or

As most should know now, Messi won his second Ballon D'Or and the first winner under the merged voting system for the award. Not that he's unworthy, but there are players out there who achieved much more the previous year, and there are players out there perhaps more deserving of the award this year.

Seriously, how many more years must Xavi repeat the performances he did in 2008-10 before he can win it? Do the voting panel of coaches and captains even watch the very game that they play or coach? Do winning the Uefa treble comes by too often nowadays that the very face in that team who won it can't even make the final 3 cut-off? Is scoring the winner and performing at the greatest stage of all -Considering even the great Platini couldn't win the World Cup and he got the award thrice- means lesser ?

This is a farce. Fifa should change their slogan forever to "We've done it again." We could see that with the list, some choices that the coaches and captains who voted are baffling and bordering on ridiculous. And others voted for clubmates, some played politics with the votes by purposely voting for own countrymen.

Leave it to the Journalists, FIFA. The award became this prestigious not because of you. With the flawed system under Fifa, this is what we can predict for the next few years. If either Messi or Ronaldo perform to their current potential, we can forget about awarding any other players who had did more in the footballing year.

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Liverpool's boss change yet again.

From the time that I started watching football, I think I remember Liverpool as a club that gives its manager time to achieve footballing success. Over nearly 20 years, Liverpool has changed only 5 managers including Rafael Benitez.

But in a space of 7 months, the players will have played for 3 managers. Rafa before his mutual agreement to leave(some players would have been with him for as long as 6 years), Roy Hodgson, who was "sacked" just a couple of days after the new year(players played under him for 6 months), and now "King Kenny" Dalglish, who will take over the rein until the end of the season(which means another 4 months minimum).

Does anyone realistically expects this team to suddenly perform miracles? What will happen if the results still sucks ? The fans will start hurling abuse at the manager or will it now be the players' turns to take the wrath??

Will Dalglish leaves if he does well? Will he get the "mutual consent" if he doesn't? Either way, unless he stays, the players will have to adjust to a fourth manager at the start of next season.
And results don't improves just because the players are willing to play for you. They have to learn what you wanna play, how you wanna play.

For now, we could only predict what will happen 6 months later.

Might increase the comic to 4 rows at the start of next season if need to...

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Is Manchester United squad good enough?

Oh yeah, Rooney apologised for questioning Manchester United's squad and ambition. But is he right to some extend? I've just watched West Bromich Albion vs Man Utd, and here we have a glimpse of what Rooney is actually pissed about. Now, no one in the right mind would question whether Man Utd's first eleven are good enough to challenge for the title, however, if any of them were off-form or injured, a look at their bench doesn't really inspire confidence.

Here are two chief under-performer in the match.

Conclusion? MUFC to be in deep shit if they don't sign or train up some better calibre players to take up the squad player status soon. The first eleven can rest assured that their current place is very safe.
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How is 2010's season turning out?

Here's the summation:

While Inter Milan rues their season, Milan and Lazio has lead the charge to detrone the champion. Barcelona handed everyone with a high FIVE including eternal rival Real Madrid, although being slain-ed by Hercules earlier in the season, they led La liga as the Winter champion. Epl's situation is funny, when everyone thinks that Chelsea is running away with the title, they shot themselves in the foot, destabilizes the team by sacking assistant manager, leaving them in 4th place after boxing day matches. Manchester clubs sitting on top of the league in 1st and 2nd respectively, while Arsenal stuttered against the big guns while chewing small clubs for dinner.

In case you don't know:
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Rafa Benitez's ending

Rafa Benitez short stint at Internazionale seems to come to an abrupt end. With his big mouth opened to shoot his board's lack of support in front of the media, it seems he has prepared himself well for this sack. What happened at Inter is apparently not much different from what happened at Liverpool. What Rafa needs to know is that at this period only Manchester City and Real Madrid are ATM machines. All other clubs still depends on the mood of their owners whether or not to spend. Forcing the issue is not the way to go. There can only be one winner.

For information on Rafa's ultimatum :

From, Rafa is reportedly sacked via email.
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Tevez not leaving Man City!

By this time, we should all know that how Rooney's mega money contract came about. With Tevez throwing in his transfer request to Man City, rumors has it that he's holding out for a bigger pay packet as well. So after Man City's board has formally rejected his "request", Tevez has withdrawn his transfer request. So, he's not having problems anymore? Thought that Cook was still around?? Huh.

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